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CISCO Training

Cisco Courses

Learn how to set up and maintain different types of network using Cloud, Data Centre and Security by studying CISCO Certifications with Silicon Beach Training.

Learn how to interact and utilise CISCO products efficiently whilst developing your knowledge of network optimisation and management. We’re proud of our six comprehensive CISCO training courses, as we can guarantee that you will be given the best opportunity to acquire transferable knowledge through tuition from our highly experienced instructors - helping you to demonstrate your networking proficiency and credentials to current or future employers.

Cisco Training

What is CISCO?

Cisco Systems designs and manufactures networking equipment globally - including products and services such as routers, switches, broadband services and operating services. As one of the first companies to ever sell routers capable of adhering and operating within multiple network protocols, CISCO Systems is a leading industry brand in terms of technological innovation and a certification provider too. Cisco offers IT Professionals the opportunity to undertake and gain IT Certifications, Training, and Testing Courses - demonstrating networking capabilities over a vast range of topics.

We offer six certified training courses that will elevate your knowledge of how to optimise CISCO systems and networks securely, remotely, and wirelessly.

Why Should I Study CISCO?

CISCO Certifications can act as career springboards due to proving and validating that a candidate is capable of advanced associate-level network management - helping to kickstart a networking career and building your qualification portfolio.

What CISCO Training Courses Do Silicon Beach Training Offer?

Here at Silicon Beach Training we have a full range of CISCO courses, from Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 through to CCNA Training and CCNA Security Training Courses - all of which are designed to elevate your router product knowledge, confidence in your networking competencies, and transferable skills that can be applied to your work from day 1.

Please find a list below of the CISCO courses we provide here at Silicon Beach



CISCO Training Courses