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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Courses

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a business approach that enhances collaborative team effort in an attempt to enhance performance through unified objectives whilst reducing dysfunctional profit-consuming processes. The Lean Six Sigma courses range in professional difficulty from the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - which provides candidates with the skills to contribute to a Lean Project - through to the Master Black Belt, that enables candidates to simultaneously manage several Lean Projects and conduct complex statistical analysis to see where dysfunctional processes occur.

Lean v Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma combines elements from both dichotomous methods in order to achieve maximum business benefits - here’s a breakdown of the two approaches and what they contribute to the courses:

                         Lean Principles

                    Six Sigma Principles

  • Focuses on Waste Reduction

  • Focuses on Unity and Variation Reduction

  • Simple tools such as Workplace Organisation

  • Statistical Hypothesis Testing

  • Enhance Value and Resource Utilisation

  • Effectively Solves Problems

  • Delivers Quality Quickly

  • Evidence-based Quality Improvements

Why Should I Study Lean Six Sigma?

The recent proliferation of Lean Six Sigma projects in the pursuit of business objectives means that it is now becoming a necessity for employees to obtain lean six sigma knowledge and reflect the business culture - hence taking these courses can significantly enhance your career prospects and salary potential.

What Lean Six Sigma Belts Can I Study With Silicon Beach Training?

With Silicon Beach Training you can complete all of your Lean Six Sigma Certifications, including the:

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Given the extensive range of courses that we have available - it is possible for you to study all of your Lean Six Sigma Certifications with us and benefit from our great prices


Lean Six Sigma Training Courses